Terry Pratchett – “Equal Rites” – my third DiscWorld – & – a Happy New Year

What is it, when you read a book during your course? It has to be a Terry Pratchett. Mainly because I wanted to give a fellow student her three books back she lend me in October. And I couldn’t wait any longer getting to know how the story went on.

Because my English really got worse during the last 1 1/2 years it’s probably better to switch into German, but after reading so many pages written in English it just feels more familiar.

The third part of the Discworld is about a girl wanting to get a wizard. The only problem: There is not such a thing as a female wizard, is there? But let’s start from the beginning. You’re usually to become a wizard when you’re an eigth son’s eigth son. And that’s exactly what Drum Billet is searching for as he decides to die in mountains called Ramtops or more precisely in a beautiful little village called Bad Ass. But the child inheriting his staff and therefore the future of being a wizard is not a boy – men are a quite failure when it’s about considering that after seven sons they might not get another one. So cute and clever Eskarina (hereafter just called Esk) inherites the staff and all it’s power.

Fortunately there’s a witch, Granny Weatherwax teaching Esk how to use magic. Nevertheless it’s the wrong magic for Esk, because witch magic and wizard magic are quite different and it’s getting harder for Esk to control the part of magic which draws the attention of the creatures of the Dungeon Dimensions always looking for a good opportunity to enter the world as we know (? you know what I mean) it. The long way from the Ramtops to the Unseen University Granny heard merely of is full of fascinating things, places and people, as well as an overprotecive staff – it always was like this – and an old wizard with his stuttering student Simon who tries to find words for things that can’t be spoken.

Arrived in Ankh Morpork it shows how stupid and closed-minded wizards can be which turns Esk’s attempt to become a student of Unseen University as Simon is one into a failure. But what do you have an experienced witch for? Knowing that wizards generally don’t care about house-keeping it’s easy to catch a position as housemaid. So Esk can move inside the building unnoticed and even visit some courses. She even meets Simon again in the library one day. The creatures of the Dungeon Dimensions pull both into their world. Esk can free herself because she learned to resist them, but Simon stays there for being the one these are really interested in.

I could know tell you all the complicated details. Nevertheless, I beg you to read it yourself and be satisfied by getting to know that Esk going back into the Dungeon Dimensions discoveres, that the creatures are most afraid of wizards not using magic. So Esk invents a completly new kind of magic to free Simon.

Of course we have a happy end and the wizards decide to have a witch cooperation.

So far for the Discworld this year. I hope some of the other volumes will follow next year. But for the next month I’m probably too buisy for my exams have to be written in the end of January and I’m going on holiday for a week – without Internet.

Nevertheless I wish you a happy new year and want to give you a short preview:

  • Shadow Falls Camp, Vol.2 – already read, but no time to write a post on it
  • Skulduggery Pleasant Vol.2 – thanks to my best friend
  • something to Avatar Aang
  • some Tolkien things
  • Cecilia Ahern

I hope to see you next year again,

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