My PSE – travelling

As mentioned in my last post I want to sum up my Practical Semester Experiences in various in topics.

I decided for an intership at a company 300 kilometers away from home. Not a big distance actually, but also not one to cover everyday. So in the beginning I was afraid I would get homesick easily when not being there for two weeks or more – three was the maximum I stood, but with my family and my boyfriend missing me badly.

There were two possibilities to travel: first by car, second by train. I need my car everyday to get to work for I stay at a farm. It is rather old and needed repairing twice in the last months, so my mother wasn’t so found of my first idea to drive home on late friday afternoons – especially in winter. So I usually use the train. It makes no difference in time though sometimes the train is an hour late (who spread the rumour German trains would always be punctual?), but still both are quite different. Somehow I started to like travelling by train (my stomach disagrees every friday) except the fact I might arrive too late at the station after work.  It’s great for watching people and examinig how various they behave though they seem to do the same, but also for reading. The first train takes 30 minutes, the second 2 1/2 hours which makes plenty of time to enjoy a long read. So I often finish books during the ride or try the repeat some of the stuff I have to know again when lectures begin in march.

This commute also changed my attitude towards luggage because it’s not comfortable to travel with huge, heavy suitcases or bags by train. So I only transport small things I need everyday (mobile phone, tablet PC etc., the book I’m currently reading, my knitting) or those I want to be on the other place like books I’ve finished/want to read or Christmas presents. Often I start packing my bag just after arriving again in my small flat when I forgot to take something with me. It’s stored in the cupboard so it won’t get in the way in everyday life, but everytime I decide to take something home with me I can just put it in.

I’d say I learned a lot by just taking the train – or sometimes the car to get home. The way I see distances changed. On the one hand it became ok for me to travel a lot on the other hand I now value short distances much more not only for being time saving but also for not being such a strain on my body. I’ve been quite nervous every time I headed home, afraid something might go wrong. By now I’m nearly relaxed, buying tickets or changing them is no big deal either.

Probably I will travel more by now even though I’m really looking forward to move back home.

How do you cover long distances? What do you do on a travel by train?

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