My PSE – nutrition

When I was at Ireland and England as a teenager my family was concerned about my nutrition, because then I didn’t knew how to cook properly and had a quite difficult taste. Lucky me, these things changed due to the stays away from home so I wouldn’t have any problems with it during the six month that were to come. At least I thought this in the beginning of September.

As my family is still concerned about me getting something to eat I started with a huge amount of storable food which isn’t empty yet. Especially the sweets remained – which really surprises me for I’m known to have a sweet tooth. Seems like they were afraid I might starve. To put your minds at ease I didn’t. It even was the other way around and I weigh two kilos more than I usually do cut off from the stuff I usually do as sport. Nevertheless, sometimes I was close to it because if you don’t fill the fridge no one else does it for you when living alone or I forgot to cook my meal for next day’s lunch (it’s a good thing I like porridge). As I hate it to trash food I tried to buy only what I would it in time, but sometimes I overestimated what I would eat and had to do it or the fridge’s content would come out to seek for me one day. This also created a lot of interesting combinations. Last week I didn’t bought a new bread, but ate crackers instead and pork sausages are used for cold dinner as well as for warm lunch roasted with garlic (how my colleagues love it when the kitchen smells like garlic after I used the microwave 😉 ) to name some examples. Living on farm with cows made me drink less milk for the raw milk will become sour very fast and easily so it’s important to think about the amount needed in the next two days.

But it wasn’t only on buying food (or getting it from my landlady for free – big thanks for it) where I had to make new experiences. Storing it and especially deciding whether it’s still good to eat or not made nearly everday an adventure. Sometimes I would have cooked to much and decide to eat it the next day – it was a lesson learned when I came to the conclusion that it’s absolutely not to be recommended to eat the chicken and rice from friday evening (then very tasty) as lunch an monday. Bread was my problem number one. I actually really like it (finding a good bakery outside of Germany really makes my day when on longer journeys), still I can’t eat a lot of it at once and somehow I stored it in a completely wrong way so I often found it mildewed two days after I bought it. At home I’m the one looking after too long gone dates of expiry, but here I hardly managed to have everything for breakfast and a diversified lunch.

Maybe that’s the reason why I started to plan the food for a week or two in advance. I can use the things I already have first and then go and buy the rest I need. It also frees me from thinking about it every morning. I just cook it the evening before (okay, also in the morning while eating breakfast) and put it in my bag when leaving the house. Anyhow I tried less than I thought I would – being restricted in possibilities by my kitchen (not even an oven in it) – the recipe books kept shut and I caught myself of not being in the mood to cook which doesn’t appear to be normal for me except I’m really, really hungry. Still I’d say I survived on a high standard of taste and really look forward for the food my mother and my grandmother cook that I only could get on weekends home the last six month.

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