My PSE – staying in touch

Isolation is not good for me

Isolation – I don’t want to sit on a lemon tree.

Only being at home at some weekends cut the contact to my friends unfortunatelly down. But it also helped me to focus on how to keep up my friendships. By now it’s okay for me to not hear something from my closest friends for a month or even more. You might think this weird, but that’s how it works between us. It’s not important to have them always around. Nevertheless if we need to talk to someone or just need them around they will be there.

I called my series junkie in the beginning of this month – I haven’t talked to her for 5 month, only text messaging –  still it felt like we picked up a conversation of the day before. Another friend visited me on the third Advent weekend and we talked and laughed a lot, but also gave in to more sincere topics. One of them led to a nearly three hour phone call starting at 2 am with friend in January for I thought the whole day about it and wanted an answer – and missed the way we could talked a few years ago.

Yes, isolation is not good for me as Fool’s Garden says in “Lemon Tree”. I start to think and reflect, examining  nuances of situations. I came always to the same conclusion: I just miss them and can’t wait to have them around again, especially because they now all move closer to our hometown again. Or to say it with the words I found on a postcard today

We always be friends – you know too much.

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