My PSE – Keep the camp in order!

Keeping the camp in order is a hard and time-consuming task. This short advice is actually from a postcard with “viking laws”, but it works quite good when living alone as well. My colleagues laughed at me when I told them today I stand up so early also because of the household. Okay they have both little daughters, but I wonder if they really can remember what it means to think of everything by themselves.

I talked about my nutrition problems earlier, but there is also the laundry, dirty dishes, a lot of dust and the mess one creates when not putting everything back on its place directly after usage. Of course I learned to cut my morning routine down to 40 minutes (at home I usually take a whole hour or even more), still this would only work if I had done everything else like cooking and tidying the room up in the evening. When I forget about the laundry it will be so much after short time that I can’t hang everything at the laundry rack at once and ironing will take an hour – despite the fact that my tiny hall is nearly blockaded with it for the clothes won’t get dry in the bathroom. Cleaning will again take one to two hours and on weeks I ride home I would have to do this in the evening. Nevertheless it satisfies me when all is neat again and I really hope to keep this up when I’m back home.

Maybe you think now about an old cliche like “typical female – caring so much about the houshold”, but it isn’t. I wouldn’t be happy just staying at home and do the household, actually I often think about it as an annoying duty. Still it’s important to clean the place you’re living at. Leave the fact aside that me hardly finding warm socks to wear reminded me of the laundry living in a dirty place could also affect ones health and well being. So I take a sighing look at the sink – seems like I should wash the dinner’s dishes to curl up on the sofa afterwards and enjoy some reading.

Maybe I should share also some tips how to keep the “camp” in order 😉

  • try to put similar things on the same place
  • use boxes or rectangle baskets for loose things – also in drawers when there are differnt things in it
  • choose one day for cleaning and stuck to it; it’s even better when it’s always the same day creating a routine – same goes for the laundry
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