Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant 10 – “Resurrection”

“Next time I want the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Oh, sorry”, said China upon entering, “were you waiting for me?”

Skulduggery is back and Derek Landy as brilliant as ever. The cite above is just one example how smooth the chapter transitions are. It took me a while to recognize how he linked them and that time I really had to giggle – in a crowded tram.

Though she rose to Supreme Mage China Sorrows is unfortunately not the new protagonist of the novel. And since I skipped some reviews there might be some plot holes awaiting you. (And I also switched the language in which I read the books  so my best friend who buys the books as presents for me can’t spoil me the plot so easily 😉 ).

It’s half a year since Valkyrie returned from her exile in the US and Skulduggery finally can persuade her to be his partner for 24 hours and help him to find out something about the anti-Sanctuary, a new threat that operated under the radar for some centuries. A long the way they hire a student to spy for them at Corrival Academy (Roarhaven got its own sorcerer academy), find out that Valkyries new powers contain a psychic part and get beaten up by some of the more active members of the anti-Sanctuary. And then there’s Valkyries first vision about the Queen of the Darklands, Abyssinia, who turns out to be Skulduggery’s ex-girlfriend – the one who pushed him into becoming Lord Vile and he only killed her so the war would last longer…

After those events it becomes difficult for Valkyrie to quit as she planned to do from the start. Omen Darkly, the hired fourteen year old student, can’t be kept out of trouble and even rescues another investigator, Temper Fray, from Coldheart Prison where the villains are getting ready to resurrect Abyssinia. There are not busy enough though to turn Skulduggery into an evil, corrupted version of himself that desperately wants to kill Valkyrie. For her life energy being close to that of a neoteric (a self trained sorcerer) she is kidnapped as a “sacrificial lamb” for the resurrection. During the process Skulduggery can free himself from the corruption and fights alongside her as usual. But Abysinnia can steal the last bit of life energy she needed from Valkyrie during the battle. Only with the help of Omen’s best friend Never, a teleporter trained by Fletcher, they manage to escape.

The danger is not over. Abysinnia is alive and has a body again and there are even forces that want to bring Darquese back. But at the moment future doesn’t look that bad. Valkyrie is again with the skeleton detective and they have the next generation to support them.

As mentioned above the trick with the chapter transitions made it really hard to lay this book aside. It’s obvious that the base for some more books was formed with it, but that made it even more enjoyable though it is as brutal as ever and contains amazing fight scenes.

I’m really looking forward to the next books.

Begun: 19.9.19   Finished: 15.10.19

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